Nancy McCurry

Editing Services and Rates

Fees and Expectations

It's easy.  I'll read anything you want to send me.  The fee is two-cents a word.

Short story at 5,000 words?   $100.00
Novel at 100,000 words? $2000.00

Before we start I'll ask for several pages to evaluate and edit. There is no cost to you or any further obligation on your part.  This exercise is offered to show the kind of feedback you can expect in the finished product. 

I utilize
Track Changes, MS Word's editing tool, and will carry on a conversation with you through the narrative and will make summative comments at the end of chapters and/or the piece.  I will not cast any changes in your manuscript.  Any changes made will be under your full control.

Please know, this is not a copy edit (line edit: conventions/mechanics).  I specialize in content and structure.  Shoot me an email and describe your project (in fewest words) and what type of feedback you're looking for.  We'll work together and see if I can help you.  
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